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This South African artist refuses to be boxed in to a particular style or media. She has had a long and dynamic career as an artist in such varied media as watercolour, oil, pastel, mixed media, pottery, bronze sculpture, acrylic works and jewellery. Her talents continue to surprise and impress her collectors and critics alike. In 2004 Yoka experimented with modern abstraction in her South African art - producing some magnificent pieces which now grace homes around the world.
Yoka Wright’s abstracts are the refinement of inspiration and years of artistic training. The clean, crisp lines and vivid colours in her South African art evoke a sense of focused calm whilst keeping the viewer’s interest dynamically involved. In all her works, the creative process is unpretentious, clearly and subtly depicted.
A truly abstract creation, Yoka’s African beadwork necklaces demand to be noticed – each individually hand crafted by Yoka and project all influences of life.
Yoka intends to continue with her bronze sculpture whilst focusing on origination of her abstract works. Her philosophy in work and life is, as Noël Coward said, ‘Work is more fun than fun’.
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Style and Format

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